Sunday, February 21, 2010

And so it begins...

Alas my journey had begun. After reading up on the games' lore and watching one of my favorite genres fantasy/historical action to psych me up for the game-play. I decided I wanted an offensive character with two blades. Said class just happened to exist the Mercenary.

My friends had chose Avalon as their home realm. Which was in direct conflict with Hibernia(hibbys/tree-huggers/pole dancers(we'll get into that later...)) and Midgard(um overpowered bastards... strong in-game hate there). Character creation took a bit of time. There were a few races to pick from, Avalonians (tall elves, much to Emer's annoyance in PvP), Britons (said to have descended from King Arthur himself), Saracens (short desert folk), Inconnu (short weird-ass looking blue folk. Naturally a first choice for Zernax due to his penchant for strange races in mmos I would find), and Highlander (Braveheart comes to mind, that and Xandryll's fake Scottish accent).

I went with the Highlander... why I named a warrior of Scottish decent after a Japanese video-game ninja I will never know. However I would later come up with a decently, though once again origin inappropriate sir name of Matsufabusu.

Within my first evening of playing I had reached level 6. Only 44 levels to go... Along my trek I would grow from the ranks of noob to competent player (as if it took a ton of neurons to accomplish).

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