Sunday, February 21, 2010

Living in Reverse

I suppose I should start at the beginning. It all began the summer after my first year of college. My computer gaming had ramped considerably however I was still dealing with mild gaming genres first person shooters, fighting games, and the like... nothing heavy gateway drugs at most.

That would all change... little did I know my predisposition for romance stemming from an all access pass to movies from working at blockbuster my high school years which spilled over into romantic comedies once all of the fantasy and action flicks were depleted. Said disposition left me yearning for a relationship of my very own that would end in a happily ever after fashion,

Left forlorn from my first semi-serious relationship I sought the solace of friends. I'll refer to them with their in-game names. Emerical fearless leader, his brother Zernax short attention span game wizard, and Xandryll uh liked Brave heart? I suppose his game-play was less than awe inspiring I would later find.

After weeks of being completely despondent they suggested I try the mmo they were currently playing Dark Ages of Camelot(which I'll refer to as DAOC(day-oc)). Suffice to say they all had a considerable number of mmos under their respective belts by this time. UO, Evercrack... I mean quest and its many expansions, Underlight, Meridian 59, etc.

From that point I drowned my sorrows in advancing my avatar through a world of magic and swords. They called him Shinobhi... ok so I named him that... I know original right?

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