Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcome to the digital Parade

This is my first shot at blogging introduced to me by the one woman who I can truly call my soul mate. Alas before I wax poetic with the sappiness my private writings often ooze with from time to time to the purpose of these particular ramblings.

Well as the title suggest I am a recovering game-aholic. I suppose I should qualify that with specifically a recovering mmo-aholic due to the fact that from time to time I still indulge my carnal digital pleasure with a few mind numbing hours of game play, though not to the severity I let mmos consume me. Not to say the mmo bug doesn't manage to creep in and become my latest fantasy based escape, just not quite as severe as it used to be.

Through the course of this venture I plan to explore slash visit my experiences with mmos.

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